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Featured guest on PBS KAET COOKS TV program demonstrating my signature Avgolemono Soup recipe

"Yiayia" is Greek for grandmother, the matriarch of the family and keeper of the wonderful Mediterranean recipes handed down through the generations. Food, lovingly prepared, is the ultimate expression of family love. Let me share with you a cooking heritage you are sure to enjoy.


"The instructions, pictures and glossary make every recipe simple and delicious.  I love that every recipe includes the English name as  well as the Greek translation and the tips on every page are most helpful. I even prepared Avgolemono soup at home (including tempering eggs!)

that was better than any I ever had in a restaurant! It is obvious this cookbook was created out of love of food, family and tradition. FIVE stars, Yiayia!"

If you enjoy cookbooks Click on the book below to preview: Yiayia's Favorite Greek Recipes.

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Yiayia Maria

Yiayia's Favorite Greek Recipes


"A family treasure. My husband and I fell inlove with this cookbook and use it weekly...O and the PASTRIES...don't get me started."

"I have a copy for my daughter-in-law and a co-worker. It's a wonderful gift."


​Cooking With Yiayia

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Culinary consultant for Greek cooking episode on The World at Your Table on the Fine Living Entertainment Channel

Authentic Greek Recipes 

"Opa! A myriad of delectable delights from the Agean. This is a fabulous gem of a cookbook."

"Yia sas" as they say in Greek, "To your health!"

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This beautiful spiral bound lay-flat quality cookbook with 184 pages and over 100 recipes with full color pictures to show what finished food should 
look like belongs in every cook’s library. 
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I’m looking forward to welcoming you 
to my cooking family.
Yia sas ,